Chair: Jennifer “Tootie” Jones

Meetings: Monthly calls.

Mission Statement

Research and evaluate the current status of meat processing businesses in West Virginia with the following interests in mind: 1.) availability to W.V. livestock farmers/producers; 2.) support for existing processing plants in improving and/or expanding businesses; and 3.) how to provide business or policy support for meat producers and their connection with W.V. meat processors

Description of Work

This working group is focused on assisting new and existing farmers to understand what is required for processing animals for a variety of markets (on-farm sales, farmers’ markets, restaurants and institutions) and what resources (processors) are currently available.  Additionally, we want to support existing processing plants in response to their needs and challenges.


1.) A complete, map-based searchable directory of WV meat processors, including info on what they process and what services they offer

2.) A survey of WV producer and processor challenges/needs

3.) Creation of a regulatory guide, with help from WVU College of Law, to clarify regulations for producers regarding different types of marketing outlets

4.) Providing input for policy proposals or business support (e.g. workshop topics, marketing) that benefit producers and processors and strengthen their connections

5.) Support for expanded on-farm poultry processing options for farmers.

The Meat Processing Working Group’s mission is centered on Goal #4 in the Road Map for the Food Economy: Local farmers increase their income and are profitable.

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