The North Central Foodshed: Meet & Greet

November 20, 2015   Tags:

WV Food & Farm Coalition staff traveled to Morgantown for the Coalition’s very first State of Local Food: Meet & Greet. We organized the event to encourage the development and growth of the North Central foodshed by providing a space for the foodshed community to come together.

As a statewide coalition, we facilitated a discussion by asking three important questions about the North Central foodshed to get “a lay of the land:” What Do You Like About Your Foodshed? What Would You Change About Your Foodshed? What is Your Foodshed Wishlist?

Participants contributed valuable information that enables WV Food & Farm Coalition to better support the foodshed. The comments and concerns from the foodshed community: producers, processors, distributors, consumers, and service providers helped build a holistic picture of the North Central Foodshed. Most importantly we are building strong, lasting relationships with our food and farm community partners.

Would you like to become involved in the North Central Foodshed community? Join The North Central Foodshed Resource Page to continue the State of Local Food: Meet & Greet discussion and to have access to an online tool to communicate with your foodshed community partners.

Interested in hosting a Foodshed Meet & Greet in your community? Let us know:


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