Job Announcement: WV Farmers Market Association Project Coordinator

March 1, 2017  

WVFMA Project Coordinator Job Description

  1. Serve as staff for the WVFMA Executive Director
  2. Assist coordination with WVFMA Board meeting, conference and planning agendas.
    B. Attend all regular and special meetings of the WVFMA Board of Directors.
    C. Support all WVFMA Committees: grants, communication, and policy.
  3. Assist with planning and execution of trainings, programs, and events.
  4. Assist with research and creation of reports deemed necessary by the Executive Director, required by the Board, required by the by-laws, and/or required by law.
  5. Perform other research and information gathering as assigned by the Executive Director.
  6. Information and Communications
  7. Public Relations, Press Releases, and Communications.
  8. Distribute information to members through e-mails, Newsletters, and other Communications
  9. Serve as project point of contact or project spokesperson as appropriate.
  10. Maintain WVFMA’s social media and website presence
  11. Fundraising Effort Support
  12. Research grant opportunities; assist with grant applications as directed by the Executive Director.
  13. Assist with developing educational programs, trainings, and projects and otherwise assist with grant deliverables.
  14. Assist with events, gatherings, and fundraising vehicles for the organization.
    D. Maintain membership lists, assist with membership drives, member market development and retention.
  15. Research and Administrative Functions
  16. Collect data and gather information on outcomes of actions identified in grant funding.
  17. Draft periodic reports on project progress.
  18. Conduct surveys and periodic member market census.
  19. Assist with administration of mini-grant and other training programs.
  20. Assist with preparation of progress reports as required.

The Program Coordinator is a part-time position and shall report to and be supervised directly by the WVFMA Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for supervising office staff and any employees, including the Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator shall be subject to performance reviews at regular intervals conducted by the Executive Director and/or the Board of Directors or a subcommittee thereof. Compensation of the Program Coordinator shall be that recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  Relevant experience in agriculture and farmers markets preferred.  Resumes and cover letters can be sent to and must be received prior to March 15, 2017 to be considered.