WV Co-op Collaborative

So What’s So Great About a Co-op?


Resources To Get Started

1. The WV Co-op Collaborative Toolkit

2. Cooperative Development Guide

*The resources are also available in our Free Library.

Policy Win!

In 2015, the West Virginia Legislature expanded the state’s producer cooperative statute to include all food and farm related businesses, not just producers, to form as cooperative businesses. SB352 expands the agriculture code that pertains to producer cooperatives to include all businesses that relate to foods and beverages, arts and crafts, woodworking and recycling, composting and repurposing of materials. This law became effective June 11, 2015.







Why Incorporate as a Cooperative?

The Small Business Association notes these advantages and challenges of co-ops:

Advantages of a Cooperative

  • Less Taxation.
  • Funding Opportunities.
  • Reduce Costs and Improve Products and Services.
  • Perpetual Existence.
  • Democratic Organization.

Challenges of a Cooperative

  • Limitations on Returns on Capital Investment
  • Lack of Membership and Participation.











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