West Virginia Foodsheds


West Virginia is moving towards diverse regional food economies.

Differences in elevation, available agricultural land, population, and infrastructure create different and unique opportunities for local food around the state. Foodsheds are our new way to bring together regional farmers, food & farm businesses, and community leaders to work towards developing strong and relevant local food economies.

Our first crack at foodsheds, 2015:


What is a Foodshed?

Foodsheds are the workplace of local food. They are the self-reliant, resilient regional economies where food is produced, where it is transported, and where it is consumed. Foodsheds include agricultural land, transportation infrastructure, sales markets, and the consumer’s table. A foodshed also includes the people in that system that make it run—farmer, consumer, processor, institution, restauranteur, school, market managers, your community. Foodsheds overlap and influence one another.

Through Foodshed Meet & Greets, we’re helping people in a foodshed meet one another and evaluate their foodsheds’ needs. And this is just the beginning. Once communities solidify around shared goals, we can start to bring these visions to life with organizing capacity and funding.

Want to host a Foodshed Meet & Greet in your region?

We’d love to hear from you. Do you have a venue in mind that would be willing to donate space and time for the Meet & Greet? Send us a proposal at info@wvfoodandfarm.org.

What goes on at a Foodshed Meet & Greet?

Foodshed Meet & Greets are first and foremost places to bring friends and meet new ones.

Do you know your farmer? Your restaurant owner? Your farmers market manager? Do you know who else in your community is interested in local food? You might afterwards.

There are three conversations we facilitate at each Foodshed Meet & Greet:

  1. What is a foodshed?
  2. How can we map your foodshed? Who’s missing?
  3. What do you like about your foodshed, and what would you change?


By the time you leave, you will:

  1. Meet some great new people
  2. Get a sense of where the local food economy is visible in your foodshed.
  3. Come together with other foodshed members to envision where the future could take you.




Find Your Foodshed Below:

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Kanawha/Capitol Region Foodshed Resource Page

Greenbrier/New River Foodshed Resource Page

Read about what is going on in your foodshed and join the conversation with your community partners. Don’t see your foodshed listed? Contact us about hosting a Foodshed Meet & Greet