Clarification For Poultry Exemption Rule

April 6, 2015   Tags:

The Meat Working Group received this clarification from Dr Robert Pitts, DVM, regarding the 2014 poultry exemption.

Download the Clarification (200kb)

Find the details below:

Producer/Grower 20,000 Poultry Limit Exemption Requirements

  1. The producer/grower slaughters/process no more than 20,000 healthy birds of his/her own raising, on his/her premises in a calendar year.
  2. The producer/grower sells/distributes only poultry products he/she prepares under the Producer/Grower 20,000 Poultry Limit Exemption. He/she may not buy or sell poultry products prepared under another exemption in the same calendar year.
  3. The poultry products can be sold only within the State of West Virginia. The poultry products may not move in interstate commerce.
  4. The poultry are healthy when slaughtered.
  5. The slaughter and processing at the Producer/Grower’s premises is conducted under sanitary standards, practices and procedures that produce products that are sound, clean, fit for human food and not adulterated. (Basic Sanitary Standards)
  6. The producer/Grower only distributes poultry products he/she produced under the Poultry/Grower Exemption. Note: The producer/grower can also distribute poultry products that he/she raised and had slaughtered /processed under USDA inspection.
  7. With the exception of mobile slaughter units, the facility/location used to slaughter or process the poultry is not used to slaughter or process another person’s poultry unless the State Director of Meat and Poultry Inspection grants an exemption.
  8. All poultry or poultry products produced under this exemption must be labeled with the following:
    1. the processor’s name,
    2. the address,
    3. product name,
    4. net weight,
    5. Safe Handling Instructions (uninspected product)
  9. The Producer/Grower keeps accurate and legible records for at least two years necessary for the effective enforcement of the Act.
  10. A poultry producer who otherwise meets the requirements of the exemption for poultry producers that slaughter or process 20,000 or fewer birds per calendar year under the federal Poultry Products Inspection Act, 21 U. S. C. 464 (c) (3), may not keep a poultry flock of more than 3,000 birds at any one time.