A New Chapter for the West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition

April 25, 2016  

LizApril 25, 2016

A new chapter is set to begin for the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition. After two years of visionary leadership Executive Director Elizabeth Spellman will be stepping down this summer 2016 to facilitate a transition to a new Executive Director. We wish to extend our sincerest thanks, highest praise, and best wishes to Liz as she embarks on the next phase of her life and career.

We are extremely grateful to Elizabeth Spellman’s service to West Virginia, her deep well of creative ideas and her commitment to action for a more resilient food system in our great state. She leaves the WV FFC and its partners in a position of great strength. As a Board we wish to take a moment to express our thoughts on a distinguished period in the development of our young coalition. During her tenure WV FFC established itself as an independent non-profit governed by people of principle. Through her vision WV FFC dramatically expanded its programs and policies. She continued to cultivate our excellent reputation for building an agrarian future in West Virginia, mentored staff and volunteers, and supported the development of an active Board of Directors with the responsibility of leading a powerful and growing coalition. She has steered us to legislative victories, the expansion of our working group participants, and spearheaded a vibrant food and farming community that expands every year. Finally, she set us all on course to promote economic transformation through a model of local and regional foodshed development. We will enjoy harvests from her work for years to come.

Now the Board of Directors embarks on the challenging task of finding another visionary leader to pick up the pitchfork and plow wielded so well by Elizabeth. The Board of Directors is now launching a national search for another passionate food and farm advocate to guide our coalition into the future. Please join us in our search for a suitable candidate and in thanking Liz for her wonderful service to us and our coalition.


For the Board of Directors

Cheryl Brown, Chair

Hiring Announcement and Job Description